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Our Team.
"Real Estate Sales x Local Architecture" Powerful Collaboration

Under the powerful partnership that blends 'Real Estate Sales' with 'Architectural Expertise', we have not only disrupted the traditional market landscape but are also leading a new chapter in the real estate and construction markets! With 26 years of profound experience in the real estate market, we have a keen insight into market dynamics, understanding how to maximize investment returns under various market conditions.

Simultaneously, our 40 years of performance in local Canmore building projects undoubtedly serve as a solid guarantee of our quality.


General Contractors in Calgary, Alberta

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Banff Legacy Inn Builder

Westcor Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence in Business in Calgary Publication Feature

Westcor, the esteemed builder for Banff Legacy Inn, has been featured in this month's Business in Calgary publication, marking their 20th year in business. The article spotlights their 'Building a Better Community' initiative and key projects, underscoring their commitment to excellence and community development.

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